Meet the Team

We are Saathvik Kannan, upcoming freshman, and Akhilan Elangovan, upcoming Junior, at Columbia Public Schools. During these last few months, COVID-19 started out as a virus halfway across the world, and soon it infiltrated into our country, our state, then finally our city. We watched this virus take every step until it infiltrated into our lives and changed every part of it. After schools closed, we thought, “How are the students who are not able to pay for meals going to eat?” As passionate programmers, we thought of an idea to make DonateDuringCovid, a fundraising campaign to bring food to those suffering during this crisis. We want to inform viewers like you about this food crisis which has affected people all around us. We saw a problem with peers our age and we wanted to fix it by fundraising for the Food Bank’s programs, such as the “Buddy Pack Program”. The Food Bank provides packs of food for nearby families who are struggling to put food on the table. No money is going towards this site, as we just redirect you to the Food Bank’s website to donate.

Our Goal

Our goal for this project is to help the Food Bank out during this time of crisis. Now, more than ever, people need food to stock up and get through this disaster. The Food Bank provides hope for thousands of families across the nation. In fact, the Food Bank has developed effective partnerships to get the most out of the donations we are putting in. One dollar of donation can be turned into around $21 worth of food. So, we are calling on everyone reading this to contribute and volunteer for this great cause in a time of urgent need. We hope to develop helpful informational videos about the Food Bank and the need for fellow citizens to contribute during this time. Make sure to look for various presentations and interviews to enrich your knowledge about the crisis at hand.